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What began millenniums ago with the aborigines, Maoris, Mongolian warriors, Pacific Islanders, and Egyptian pharaohs is now a global phenomenon – body art, ink and tattoos.

We have interviewed some of the top tattoo artists and people who sport majestic tattoos, and we’ve created this app to serve tattoo lovers and those who’d like more info prior to getting inked.

TatTap is an easy to use app to view and rate celebs with tattoos, upload tattoos to get them rated, get trial tattoos, and to locate and view the ratings and reviews and directions of tattoo parlors and artists worldwide.

TatTap Key Features:
• Celeb Tattoos with ratings
• Location-Aware mapping to find nearby tattoo parlors and artists
• Upload Trial Tattoos from the database to see how they look, prior to getting actually inked
• Personalized
• Image Capturing
• Search
• Voting for the top tattoos of the week, month and year
• Large database of virtual tattoos
• Reviews and Ratings of over 7500 tattoo parlors and artists
• Community and Forum to pose questions and seek advice
• Tattoos by category
• Listings of over 7500 Tattoo parlors and artists worldwide.

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TatTap Tattoo - the Coolest Ink App on Planet Earth! - Visionsync Inc

12 January

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